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Going by definition, a public servant is one who has willingly entered into employment contract job in a government owned or public organization based on an oath of office to render an acceptable social political and economic service to the general public in line with the rules and regulation of Nigerian Public Service. Therefore, a good public servant is one who exhibits the following character and attitudes at work:- 

  • He understands the Nigerian Public Service Rules and adapts it principles thereof.
  • He does not miss-interprets the content of public service rules.
  • He adopts the principles of due process.
  • He neglects sentiments and uphold honesty and loyalty.
  • He gives account of his stewardship transparently.
  • He respects time for duty report and closure.
  • Obeys instruction and directives from his superior.
  • He diligently performs his duties and lives in harmony with colleagues.
  • He does not falsify information but maintains confidentialities thereof.
  • He responds honestly to the demand of code of conduct bureau.
  • He goes for leave on notification and reports back on the approved date.
  • He reveals his bio-metric data without falsification.
  • He avoids corruption and indiscipline.
  • He communicates effectively.
  • He exhibit ability and courage in response to work.
  • He does not lobby for recognition.
  • He is hardworking and dedicated servant.
  • He does not quarrel or fight at work.
  • He accepts responsibilities whole heartedly.
  • He avoids gossips.
  • He ascribes to the code of ethics and oath of secrecy in his organization.
  • He applies the principles of information source in public service.
  • Possesses required relevant educational qualifications, skills and experiences and aspires for more.
  • He is tactful and skillful.
  • He shows kindness and respect to others.
  • He is obedient to the authority of his organization.
  • He is happy to see others aspire.
  • He possesses satisfactory conduct and behavior.
  • He is straight forward in actions.
  • He responds promptly to official duties and queries.
  • He appears as role – model to work.
  • He does not seat on subordinate files for frustration.
  • He manages offered time productively.


There is always the need for constant monitoring and evaluation of every public servant performance in other to sustain positive attitudes and characters and to discourage irrelevant acts.

On this basis therefore, the performance of public servant can be improved and sustained through the following ways:-

  • Staff promotion should be regular.
  • Employees should be given the opportunity for training and retraining.
  • Public service rule should often be used as book of guide by the management in decision making process.
  • There should be enough facilities for work continuity.
  • There should be conducive working environment.
  • Salaries and wages of public servant should be constantly paid.
  • Adoption of communication principles should be ensured.
  • Staff should be given proper schedule of duty.
  • There should be objective and regular rotation of schedule officers.
  • Equity and fair treatment of staff should be ensured.
  • There should be observation of break time.
  • Staff engagement in decision making process should be enhanced.
  • There should be job security for staff.
  • Leadership by example should be the watch word of the organization.
  • Hierarchy of command should be clearly initialed.
  • There should be objective delegation of duties and responsibilities.
  • Excellent hard work should be rewarded and indiscipline acts should be appropriately addressed without fear or favor.


          The following are the operational cadres of staff in NCRI:-

  1. Research officer cadre
  2. Agricultural superintendent
  3. Engineering cadre
  4. Building officer cadre
  5. Technical officer cadre
  6. Work superintendent cadre
  7. Craftsman cadre
  8. Librarian cadre
  9. Library officer cadre
  10. Library Assistant/Attendant cadre
  11. Laboratory Technologist Cadre
  12. Laboratory technical/ Assistant/Attendant cadre
  13. Administrative officer cadre
  14. Executive officer (Admin) cadre
  15. Accountant cadre
  16. Executive officer (Accounts) cadre
  17. Clerical officer cadre
  18. Store officer cadre
  19. Store keeper cadre
  20. Nursing cadre
  21. Health assistant cadre
  22. Heath attendant cadre
  23. Superintendent of press cadre
  24. Printer cadre
  25. Data processing/statistical officer cadre
  26. Data processing Assistant cadre
  27. Information officer cadre
  28. Secretarial cadre
  29. Data processing Assistant (Typist) cadre
  30. Motor Driver mechanic/works superintendent cadre
  31. Tractor Driver mechanic /works superintendent cadre
  32. Field overseer cadre
  33. Agricultural field attendant cadre.

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