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There is always the need for constant monitoring and evaluation of every public servant performance in other to sustain positive attitudes and characters and to discourage irrelevant acts.

On this basis therefore, the performance of public servant can be improved and sustained through the following ways:-

  • Staff promotion should be regular.
  • Employees should be given the opportunity for training and retraining.
  • Public service rule should often be used as book of guide by the management in decision making process.
  • There should be enough facilities for work continuity.
  • There should be conducive working environment.
  • Salaries and wages of public servant should be constantly paid.
  • Adoption of communication principles should be ensured.
  • Staff should be given proper schedule of duty.
  • There should be objective and regular rotation of schedule officers.
  • Equity and fair treatment of staff should be ensured.
  • There should be observation of break time.
  • Staff engagement in decision making process should be enhanced.
  • There should be job security for staff.
  • Leadership by example should be the watch word of the organization.
  • Hierarchy of command should be clearly initialed.
  • There should be objective delegation of duties and responsibilities.
  • Excellent hard work should be rewarded and indiscipline acts should be appropriately addressed without fear or favor.

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