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          This unit is headed by a chief executive officer and assisted by an officer-in-charge while others serve as assisting clerks. The section performs dual functions i.e. Record and Pension.


        All records of staff: serving and retired, are kept in this unit. The content of records kept here are replica of staff records with the establishment and registry sections. Staff records in this unit are captured and documented into record of service’s sheet (Gen form 60) which are further fixed accordingly into the “Binder” with labels e.g. B9/300 etc bearing the staff personal index number e.g. P/2012/18 the binders are further kept in the cabinet and locks for security and save retrieval purpose. Hence, records here includes:-

-          Each staff promotion records

-          Upgrading records

-          Transfer of service records

-          Staff conversion records

-          Payment and emolument records

-          Record of service of each staff etc.

All these records of staff of the institute are kept to enhance objective disengagement of employees from the institute. Therefore, from this unit, retirement period and accrued benefits of each staff either based on service years or by age are determined. The retirement years as support service staff in Administrative department is currently 35 years or 60 years by Age while for scientist (Researchers) is 65 years by age. Hence, retirement can be by:

-          Statutory

-          Voluntary

-          Termination

-          Dismissal

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