Research Operations Department

The Research Operations Department is one of the technical Departments which consist of Rice, Sugarcane, Soybean, Acha, Castor and Beniseed programmes.

The Department is to be recognized nationally and internationally as playing a key role in Nigeria by attaining self-sufficiency in the production of the mandate crops.

It is to provide scientific and technological support to the growth of the mandate crops sector of the nation in line with the national objectives. Aiming at conducting:-
• Market-oriented applied research and provides technical services to the private sector and other stakeholders.
• Conducts research into the genetic improvement of Rice, Acha, Sugarcane, Soybean, Beniseed and Castor.
• Development of production, protection, utilization and socioeconomic technologies of these crops:

With the following objectives:-
• Develop non-lodging, early to medium, high yielding, pests resistance/tolerant varieties
• Develop crop varieties with acceptable grain cooking and eating qualities
• Improve cultural practices for the crop management
• Develop efficient methods of improving soil fertility
• Develop appropriate techniques for pests management
• Produce high quality crop varieties.

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