The Research Support Services Department composed of four (4) Units (Biotechnology, Central Services Laboratory, Seed and Farm Management).

The is charged with the responsibility to develop new and efficient analytical methods for our mandate crops (Rice, Sugarcane, Beniseed, Castor, Acha and Soybeans), provide excellent laboratory services for our programmes and external clients, supply good quality seeds of our mandate crops to seed companies and farmers,

In addition to this core departmental mandate, it allocates land to Scientist, Programmes, Research Institutes etc, for research trials, experiments for production purposes and also ensures adequate water supply to all the cropping fields.


• Produced 220 tons of improved rice seed and 959kg of soybean seed varieties for the Agricultural Transformation Agenda.
• We sustained the production of Breeders/Foundation Seeds to meet the demand for all our mandate crops (last year 100 tones of Foundation Seeds, 10 tones of Breeder Seed to ATA, 7 tones Breeder Seed to WAAPP, 8 tones Foundation Seed to WAAPP).
• Other small quantities of Foundation and Breeder Seed were supplied to individual farmers and other seed companies.
• Conducting soil and plant analysis for all research programmes and outside clients when requested.
• The Farm Management Unit carries out land preparations for all the programmes and water management for rice programmes specifically.
• Generating revenue to the Institute through laboratory services and seed production.
• Trainingof students on compulsory Industrial attachment and other personnel from different organizations.

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